This page will continue to evolve throughout the project as we bring in an array of AT experts to share their knowledge about a wide range of Assistive Technology topics.

AT National Presenters Webinars 2022/2023

Accessible Educational Materials & NH

Presented by National Accessible Educational Materials Center team members Michelle Soriano & Kelli Suding

Discovering AEM: Exploring the partnership between New Hampshire and the National AEM Center. Learn more about the work New Hampshire is engaging in around Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) through discussions and exploration of resources. Throughout this webinar, participants will: 

  • gain an understanding of what AEM is and the connection among AEM, AT, and UDL 
  • explore NH’s work around AEM in partnership with the National AEM Center 
  • tour the AEM Center website with featured resources    
This video focuses on the work NH is doing to support AEM.

Literacy for Students with Significant Disabilities

Presented by Kelly Fonner

Many Districts are making the move to ensure that all students with special needs, especially those with significant multiple challenges educationally, physically, communicative and sensory, are given every opportunity and direct instruction to learn to read, and to write. With the publication of the book, Comprehensive Literacy for All, by Dr. Erickson and Dr. Koppenhaver, book groups and webinars have been focusing on the strategies to make this happen. Come join us as Kelly Fonner, a longtime educator, trainer and consultant, presents an overview of the key components through the lens of “the 6 Es” Expect – Effort – Engage – Educate – Evaluate – Exhibit of this important literacy journey.

Executive Functioning and Behavior: What is the Connection?

Presenter: Cassie Frost

Session Description: What happens when a student struggles with organization, time management, attention, and/or memory and how does this impact their day?  This session will take a look at common reasons students display unexpected behaviors and how executive functioning deficits can contribute.  Come and learn about the connection between executive functioning deficits and behavior and take away quick techniques and tools to use with your students who are struggling.

Engaging AAC support for school aged individuals

Presenter: Sarah Gregory

Session Description: Supporting AAC learning in a school setting can be a daunting task. This session will explore practical and easy to use strategies that can be integrated into academics and social activities. We will discuss peer supports, vocabulary considerations and strategies to get the whole team on board. We will also dive into fun and engaging digital activities that participants that will be shared with participants. Come fill your toolbox with strategies and activities that will make AAC support fun and functional!

Breaking the Barriers: Accessibility Tools in the Classroom

Presented by: Nicole Cassmassino, Digital Learning Specialist, SAU 25

AT Expert Webinars 2021/2022

Assistive Technology and Anxiety/Self Care

Presented by: Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles

Cognitively Demanding Literacy Instruction for Students with Complex Needs

Presented by: Kimberly Kulasekaran, Lead Teacher, Carter School – Boston Public Schools; Sarah Wakabayashi, Speech Language Pathologist, Boston Public Schools

Engaging Learners with Interactive Whiteboard Tools

Presented by Elisa Wern (@wernedat)

Wait for it … AAC Independence

Presented by Kelly Fonner (@KellyFonnerAT) and Mike Cole (@TheRealMikeCole)

Coding Core-Teaching Language to Users of AAC Using Coding & Robots

Presented by Chris Bugaj; @attipscast

AT Expert Webinars 19/20

AAC and Teletherapy – Plus Digital Resources

Presented by Sarah Gregory; @SarahGregorySLP

Virtual Learning & Students with Complex Needs

Presented by Jeannette Van Houten, @jvanhoutensped

Technology for Diverse Learners: Chrome Reading Tools

Presented by Mike Marotta, @mmatp

Technology for Diverse Learners: Chrome Writing Tools

Presented by Mike Marotta, @mmatp

Technology for Diverse Learners: Chrome Supports for Executive Function

Presented by Mike Marotta, @mmatp

Necessary Components of AAC Consideration and Implementation

Presenter: Chris Bugaj, @attipscast

Handsfree: An Introduction to Switch Control on iPad

Presenter: Luis Perez; @eyeonaxs

Writing right from the Start!: Writing Strategies and Tools for Emergent Writers

Presenter: Kelly Fonner, @KellyFonner

Increasing Independence for Executive Function Dysfunction: Visual Supports and Time Management Strategies

Presenter: Beth Poss, @possbeth

Assistive Technology for Emergent Readers

Presented by Karen Janowski, @KarenJan