This page will continue to evolve throughout the project as we bring in an array of AT experts to share their knowledge about a wide range of Assistive Technology topics.

AT National Presenters Webinars 2022/2023

Breaking the Barriers: Accessibility Tools in the Classroom

Presented by: Nicole Cassmassino, Digital Learning Specialist, SAU 25

AT Expert Webinars 2021/2022

Assistive Technology and Anxiety/Self Care

Presented by: Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles

Cognitively Demanding Literacy Instruction for Students with Complex Needs

Presented by: Kimberly Kulasekaran, Lead Teacher, Carter School – Boston Public Schools; Sarah Wakabayashi, Speech Language Pathologist, Boston Public Schools

Engaging Learners with Interactive Whiteboard Tools

Presented by Elisa Wern (@wernedat)

Wait for it … AAC Independence

Presented by Kelly Fonner (@KellyFonnerAT) and Mike Cole (@TheRealMikeCole)

Coding Core-Teaching Language to Users of AAC Using Coding & Robots

Presented by Chris Bugaj; @attipscast

AT Expert Webinars 19/20

AAC and Teletherapy – Plus Digital Resources

Presented by Sarah Gregory; @SarahGregorySLP

Virtual Learning & Students with Complex Needs

Presented by Jeannette Van Houten, @jvanhoutensped

Technology for Diverse Learners: Chrome Reading Tools

Presented by Mike Marotta, @mmatp

Technology for Diverse Learners: Chrome Writing Tools

Presented by Mike Marotta, @mmatp

Technology for Diverse Learners: Chrome Supports for Executive Function

Presented by Mike Marotta, @mmatp

Necessary Components of AAC Consideration and Implementation

Presenter: Chris Bugaj, @attipscast

Handsfree: An Introduction to Switch Control on iPad

Presenter: Luis Perez; @eyeonaxs

Writing right from the Start!: Writing Strategies and Tools for Emergent Writers

Presenter: Kelly Fonner, @KellyFonner

Increasing Independence for Executive Function Dysfunction: Visual Supports and Time Management Strategies

Presenter: Beth Poss, @possbeth

Assistive Technology for Emergent Readers

Presented by Karen Janowski, @KarenJan