Tool Time webinars are short, application based recorded modules that can assist with the implementation of specific types of Assistive Technology

AT Tool Time Webinars 2022/2023

Promoting Inclusive Learning with Book Creator featuring the Inclusive 365 Team

The Art of Visual Schedules with Darla Ashton

New and Innovative Tools & Strategies to Support Note taking in the Classroom with Dr. Brian Friedlander

AT Tool Time Webinars 2021/2022

Be a Captions Captain with Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles

Clicker with Toni Caggiano

TextHelp with Justin Rodrigues

Scanning Pens with Tim Stanton

Book Creator with Jon Smith

AT Tool Time Webinars 17/19

Accessibility Options Across Platforms

AT Tools for Reading: iOS and Android

AT Tools for Reading: Chrome

AT Tools for Writing: iOS and Android

AT for Writing: Chrome

Let’s Talk Communication with AAC Apps

Working w/ PDFs: Tools, Tips & Strategies

AT Tools for Executive Function

Math Solutions that Promote UDL

Engage Students with Audio and Video